A monthly membership community for women who are looking for…

A new, refreshing experience with scripture. No intimidating talk, just digging in with grace and community to understand and fall in love with God’s word.


Overcome the obstacles keeping you from a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Learn to walk through the unexpected moments of life with faith-filled stability.

A safe place to share your stories and experiences with God. Learn about the depths of God’s love for YOU and spiritually grow in areas of your life that you need it the most with your sisters in Christ.


What’s provided monthly:

  1. Scripture Study = a guided study with comprehensive questions and a daily/weekly reading plan.

  2. Growth Guide = a real life application guide - taking what we are learning about God and His word and growing into the woman God’s created us to be.

  3. Challenge/Focus = actionable ways to apply what you’re learning and share it with others.

  4. Community = an online community to walk through the study with, ask questions to encourage and pray with you.

  5. Sister Meetings = checking in online weekly-monthly to talk about our study, talk about our wins and losses and pray together.

  6. Sister Chat = an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with me via online chat to pray together, work through obstacles, and coaching on where you’d like to grow and how to get there.


  • An open heart = these resources are designed to help you overcome the obstacles that keep so many of us from stability in our relationship with Jesus, but it all starts with a willing and open heart.

  • A bible or the bible app = This is the bible I currently use and love! I also use the bible app frequently too.

  • Internet access = the community meet ups will be online so you will need a way to connect to wifi and tune in or watch when you can.


She remains steadfast and stable in the most joyful moments and hardest moments.

She is open and brave.

She is willing to seek, knock, and ask.

She is hungry for knowledge of God’s word and learns to love the pursuit of it, and understand it.

Others know she is different. Jesus different.

She is equipped with grace, knowledge and bravery to share Jesus and disciple others.

She feels safe in the vulnerable pursuit of God’s love.

She feels peace in chaos.

She feels free.

She = You

Still Unsure about joining the Sister study?

Check out these resources.