The bible study membership that keeps you in the word consistently, Even here.

This is for women who are looking for…

A new, refreshing experience with scripture. No intimidating talk, just digging in with grace and community to understand and fall in love with God’s word.


Overcome the obstacles keeping you from a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Learn to walk through the unexpected moments of life with faith-filled stability.

A safe place to share your stories and experiences with God. Learn about the depths of God’s love for YOU and spiritually grow in areas of your life that you need it the most with your sisters in Christ.


What’s provided monthly:

  1. Scripture Study = a guided study shipped to you every month that includes: comprehensive questions on the scripture, a growth guide to apply and challenge us, and a weekly reading plan.

  2. Community = a private online community for prayer, encouragement and discussion.

  3. Supportive Study Tools = exclusive access to additional resources to support your study.

  4. Sister Meetings = monthly meetings in the online community to connect and fellowship with each other as well as access to one on one encouragement.

See what our Sister Meetings are like!

There is a come as you are policy. Usually that is tired eyes, no makeup and messy hair. You’ve been warned. :)


  • An open heart = these resources are designed to help you overcome the obstacles that keep so many of us from stability in our relationship with Jesus, but it all starts with a willing and open heart.

  • A bible or the bible app = This is the bible I currently use and love! I also use the bible app frequently too.

  • Internet access = the community meet ups will be online so you will need a way to connect to wifi and tune in or watch when you can.

DIGITAL | $15/month

A digital study for you to download and print every month

Immediate access to private community

Monthly fellowship with women who are studying alongside you

Exclusive resources and shop discounts for members only

Cancel anytime

* For International and US members

Monthly | $25/month

A printed study shipped to you every month

Immediate access to private community

Monthly fellowship with women who are studying alongside you

Exclusive resources and shop discounts for members only

Cancel anytime

* For US members ONLY

6 Month | $125


A printed study shipped to you every month.

Immediate access to private community

Monthly fellowship with women who are studying alongside you.

Exclusive resources and shop discounts for members only.

* For US members ONLY

REGISTRATION is currently closed.

Do you have any questions? send them my way!


How does this work exactly?

Every month you get a printed study shipped to you (for your flat membership fee). You’ll also get the opportunity to meet online in our private community and discuss the study, ask questions, fellowship together and support each other. If that seems like a lot to you, no worries. You can participate in whatever works best for you and your schedule.

How will I know if the content is what I am looking for?

If you’re like me, you’ve tried a lot of bible studies, maybe even completed a lot! This study doesn't have each day or week outlined for you. Instead it’s a more fluid plan that allows you to spend the time you can in the study without the stress of falling behind.  If you’re looking for grace-filled accountability with Gospel centered content then this will be a great resource to lead you in the word.

How much time does each part take to complete?

On average each part takes around 2 hours over the course of a week. That averaged over the course of a week is less than 20 mins a day. There are 4 parts in the entire study.

Will you ship internationally through the membership?

Right now, the membership only ships domestically. I am working on this! The shop (coming soon!) will ship internationally so you can still purchase a study from there when it’s available.

Is shipping included in my membership fee?


What is expected of me?

I have no expectations of you, only grace to pour out over you. I know what it’s like to feel like there is not enough of you to go around. You participate in what you feel like works for you.

Can I do this with my friend(s)?

Absolutely! Each of you will need your own membership and log in, and you can even meet as a group for coffee and desserts and discuss it, pray together and disciple each other. That would be awesome! If you end up leading a group, please contact me at and tell me how it’s going! Also, don’t forget to access your leader guide in the back of the study to guide you through your in person study.

Can I cancel at anytime?

I would hate to see you go! Yes of course, and your cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle. However, because of the closed registration, you will not be able to get back in until registration opens again.

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