Even HEre

What is Even Here?

Oh man. Life gets hard and situations don't always look like we thought they would causing us to question God's goodness. Or life seems to feel easy, and we find our selves drifting away from God and feeling like we can do life better our own way. If you feel this way, you're not alone. 

Even here exists to anchor women in the truth of God's word and His relentless love, even when unexpected things occur or seasons of life change. In the beauty or ashes, strength or fear, gladness or mourning, hope or despair (Isaiah 61:3), to be rooted in God's love is to be fully known and seen. Together we will draw closer to God, from right where we are. And Even Here we walk along side each other as we draw nearer to God.

Community - Sister Study

What is Sister Study membership?

Sister Study is a community based membership where we discover and fall in love with scripture together. My biggest hangup about reading my bible has always been finding the time, desire, and feeling intimidated that I wouldn’t understand it and feel like a failure. This community was birthed out of overcoming those things. At the end of the day, when we have the courage to begin, God will show up and help us - always. Sister Study is showing up to that with women who feel the same way.

Matthew 18:20

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.

How does this work exactly?

Every month you get a printed study shipped to you (for your flat membership fee) and it includes a scripture study (learn), growth guide (apply), daily-weekly reading plans, and challenges/activities to live out what we are learning about in real time. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet online in our private community and discuss the study, ask questions, fellowship together and support each other. If that seems like a lot to you, no worries. You can participate in what ever works best for you and your schedule.

Sister Study is closed. When can I join?

Yay! Can’t wait for you to join! Sign up to be the first to know when Sister Study opens again: http://eepurl.com/ghIGYj

Will you ship internationally through the membership?

Right now, the membership only ships domestically. I am working on this! The shop does ship internationally so you can still purchase the study from there.

What is the Sister Chat for?

Sister chat is a way for you and me to get connected. There will be limited spots each month for you to schedule a time set aside for us to talk, pray, and work through some things that weigh heavy on your heart. Consider it a chat with a friend who desires to listen, encourage and point you back to Jesus.

In 2018 I received a certification in Christian Life Coaching. It was awakening to me how much I LOVED walking alongside other women as they discovered ways to overcome the obstacles in their life. And because life rarely goes as planned, I think we all could use a reminder that we’re not alone, and we are important, seen and loved. We don’t have to stay where we are. There is more for us, and for you.

What is expected of me?

I have no expectations of you, only grace to pour out over you. As God’s children, we are expected to show up to be obedient to him and resting in His Word. But at the end of the day, if you don’t show up to that time alone with God, these resources will only be a cheaper version of what is gifted to us through sitting in His presence. The most important thing is that you are spending time in the word and with your Father in Heaven.

With that foundation, everything else will fall into place and enrich your experience.

Do I have to be present for the Sister Meetings?

No. They are simply just another way to connect and fellowship with one another. They will be recorded so if you can’t attend live and want to watch it, you will have access to that.

Can I do this with my friend(s)?

Absolutely! Each of you will need your own membership and log in, and you can even meet as a group for coffee and desserts and discuss it, pray together and disciple each other. That would be awesome! If you end up leading a group, please contact me at hello@even-here.com and tell me how it’s going! Also, don’t forget to access your leader guide in the back of the study to guide you through your in person study.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes of course, and your cancellation will take affect in the next billing cycle.

What do I do if my address changes while I am enrolled in the membership?

If you need to change your address you can do so by clicking the support link in your member dashboard and telling me that way. Please do so no later than 7 days before shipment is likely to occur (18th of the month).

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership by logging into your account and accessing your account settings in the dashboard.


Do you still sell prayer journals?

YES! You can still get hardcopies of the Humbled Hearts Daybook here.

When will my order ship?

Unless otherwise stated, each order will ship within 5-7 business days. Orders are shipped through USPS and could take up to 7-10 business days to arrive to you.

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